The True Middleman


When a REALTOR executes the purchase and sale of real estate, he or she customarily receives remuneration in the form of a commission paid by the seller.  For the most part, though, the REALTOR is the true middleman – legally entitled to receive this commission, under the laws of most states, from either the seller […]

Make the Most of a Spare Room

Make most of spare room

If you’re lucky enough to have extra space in your home in   the form of an unused spare room, then turning it into a multipurpose space   that can still accommodate overnight visitors is a great way to show off the versatility of your home to potential buyers, as well as improve your living arrangements by […]

When Home Becomes A Business

when a home becomes a business

Your home becomes a business if you decide to rent it out and move to another one.  The costs of running the property are subtracted from the rent to determine the net income from the operation – just as in any other business.  Among the expenses that can be charged off are interest on the […]

Buying a Home in the Offseason

Buying Home In Off Season

As temperatures drop and the weather chills during the winter, it may not seem like the ideal time to buy a home, but if one can bear the cold, then there are many advantages for buyers to consider if they are in the market for a home.For example, there are typically fewer buyers during the […]

Motivations For Buying A Home

Motivations for buying a home

Strong forces are keeping the single home market very much alive despite the less than booming economy in past years.  A probe of the motivations behind current sales has found that buyers are convinced that home ownership is worth the financial sacrifice for environmental reasons.  A better place for their children to live and the […]